How it works?

It is simple. Just join us by submitting the form below. After that, if you need a Clubhouse invitation, make a request. We will pass this request to our members, and you will get the invitation.
This is not only for Clubhouse invitation sharing. We are trying to create a community that shares all kinds of digital assets. We are open to suggestions, and we will try to provide more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is invite chain?

It is a group of people that shares their invites internally for free.

Q. Is it free?

Yes, it is free to get invited inside of the group. It is just $30 to access the group for a lifetime. After you join, it is all free to get invites.

Q. How we get the invitation?

After you join, you will create a request, and we will share your submission within the group. You will be invited by another member of our group.

Q. Is it guaranteed to get an invitation?

Yes, it is guaranteed. We will be providing invites if requests will be stuck.